Start-up support for a young veterinary physician

A young entrepreneur received LEADER support to buy modern veterinary equipment that enabled her to provide farmers and pet owners with high-quality services.   

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Project summary: 

Young entrepreneur, Kamilija Tamavičiūtė, studied veterinary science and aspired to return to her hometown to set up her own business as a vet. Kamilija applied for LEADER support to cover the costs of the modern veterinary equipment that she needed to provide farmers and pet owners with high-quality services. The equipment she purchased using the support included an ultrasound, a biochemical blood analyser, a microscope, a calf holder, a cattle lift and a data printer.

Project results: 

The financial support she received offered Kamilija a quality job and the opportunity to stay in her native rural community in the long-term. Her LEADER-backed project represents a ‘brain gain’ for the Šilutė Local Action Group (LAG) and it modernises the vet services available for farmers in the region. 
Thanks to Rural Development Programme (RDP) funding Kamilija’s business is more innovative than she originally hoped. She can provide a wide range of treatment methods, and faster service for her clients. Just one example of this is the fact that she can now offer blood test results more quickly.