The Spanish Authorities response to the COVID-19 crisis

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An insight into how the COVID-19 crisis has generated urgent action to adapt the CAP to this new context.

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Project summary: 

The emergence of the COVID-19 crisis was the catalyst for urgent action to adapt the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in the new and critical situation. Specifically, there has been a relaxation of certain criteria and the identification of new forms of support in rural development policy through Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). 
With the emergence of the COVID-19 disease and the ensuing lockdown situation, many regular coordination activities such as workshops and other types of exchanges came to a halt. Technical teams at all levels have had to adapt to a new ’home-office’ situation. In light of this the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has strengthened and intensified its coordination efforts, along with its transfer and dissemination of information, and taken advantage of new technologies to carrying out the important work of supplying information. 

Project results: 

The special support and emphasis placed on the explanation and dissemination of all the available information favoured a reorientation and modification of the Spanish RDP’s processes to adapt to the new and unforeseen context. The adaptation to this new way of working, specifically in the case of the National Rural Network (NRN), not only proved successful, but also reinforced participation and interest in their activities.