SOLAR ENERGY - Promoting the use of solar energy by the primary sector in the Balearic islands

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A pilot project to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of using solar energy.

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Project summary: 

The Balearic islands import 96% of the energy they consume. As a result, energy on the islands is expensive and this increases production costs in the agricultural sector. The project, promoted by the LAG Eivissa-Formentera, provided information and technical support to five agricultural cooperatives and slaughterhouses on the islands of Eivissa and Formentera, so that they could produce solar energy. In this way, the project increased their economic and environmental sustainability, while at the same time contributing to the transition towards a low carbon economy.

Project results: 

The feasibility studies provided the five participating entities with proposals that would enable them to achieve energy self sufficiency of around 26% to 67%.

All five participating entities proceeded to implement the measures proposed in the feasibility studies.

In response to the very high level of interest in producing energy for self consumption, a spinoff project was designed. It will support the preparation of 55 feasibility studies to assess energy production potential, and will be aimed at farms and food industries.