The Soap House

The community centre of a small Latvian village was renovated and equipped to support soap production and training courses, thus turning the village into a tourist attraction.

Project summary: 

Nociūnai is a settlement in the South-west of Kėdainiai region and has no natural attraction sights, so it was rarely visited by tourists. Against this background, the community took action to create a new tourist attraction and stimulate the declining local economy.

The community decided to produce soap and to teach others how to do so. EARFD funding supported the renovation of the building and purchase of equipment. During the project a number of reconstructions were financed: the old boiler room was renovated, the roof was changed, water supply system was installed.

Project results: 

The creation of a new soap-making factory, which:
• Is an economically viable tourist attraction visited by more than 1 000 people per year.
• Provided two permanent jobs
• Organises various educational activities