Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre

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Setting up a niche business start-up as a canine therapy centre.

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Project summary: 

The project concerned a business start-up to provide a canine therapy centre. The project activities were the construction of the centre as well as therapeutic equipment. This included a large in ground pool with a concrete built ramp, to allow for a low noise and movement entry for the dogs, and a hydro treadmill with a glass surrounding for easy visibility.

Project results: 
  • Since the centre has opened, the number of dogs being treated per week has seen a fast rise from 20 dogs in mid-May to 57 at the start of August.
  • Due to the project being a business start-up, both costs and revenues have seen an increase but the business, in its current state, is sustainable.
  • The business has employed 3 members of staff of a variety of ages.