Smart Villages for Tomorrow

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An interterritorial cooperation project to address the challenges of outmigration and ageing in rural areas by investing in new technology solutions. 

Project summary: 

The Smart Villages for Tomorrow project aimed to systemically address the challenges of outmigration and ageing in Slovenian rural areas. New approaches were designed for the development of rural areas by taking advantage of innovative technology solutions.
The project was based on the cooperation of five partner LAGs who created pioneering models using smart solutions. The LAGs exchanged best practice and carried out a common analysis of the situation in their areas. They developed new concepts to preserve the vitality and attractiveness of rural areas, as well as organising study trips and a communication campaign.

Project results: 

The participating LAGs developed five models of smart solutions for ageing rural communities.
They established six places for socialising, purchased a vehicle for the transportation of elderly residents, and carried out more than 50 workshops. The online workshops were attended by 197 young and elderly people.