Smart ruralité Alpes-Provence-Verdon

The project mobilised all actors of the Communauté de Communes Alpes-Provence-Verdon to formulate a strategy for the territory’s digital transition.

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Project summary: 

Digital transition is a major challenge for rural actors, who need to integrate digital technology into the development strategy for their territories. 
To support the challenges presented by digital transition in rural areas, in June 2018 the Regional Rural Network launched an experimental approach in the territory Communauté de Communes Alpes-Provence-Verdon (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) called "Smart ruralité Alpes-Provence-Verdon". It was aimed at offering public decision-makers tools that would enable them to identify and consequently anticipate the digital transformations that their rural territory required. Activities that were carried out included conducting a territorial diagnosis, developing an action plan by setting up four thematic working groups and then implementing the action plan.

Project results: 

This pilot project made it possible to trial a methodology that can be transferred to other rural territories in the region. 
Other benefits that will emerge from applying such a territorial methodology and facilitating digital transition include:

  • more businesses will be able to operate in the region and thus create employment opportunities;
  • the use of digital tools will reduce the need for transportation using fossil fuels and save energy; and
  • rural areas can maintain their populations by reducing the digital divide.