Small projects – great leverage

LAG-owned projects in Sweden are used to allow small seed-funding for specific purposes.

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Project summary: 

In the Swedish context, a number of Leader areas during the program period 2007-2013 established a working mode where LAG-owned projects were used to allow small seed-funding for specific purposes. This method has proven very efficient, both in economic terms and in terms of mobilizing local actors and capacity building.

The conceptual framework of Umbrella projects applied in the projects presented here are on SME-development and Youth respectively, but has also been applied for other purposes. The concept has proven to be a very efficient use of EAFRD funding, both in terms of creating new jobs and to involve young people in rural development. The method has raised the interest among (rural) stakeholders from many other EU Member States.

Project results: 

The LAG-driven Startgas program granted support to 72 projects whereof 50 were actually executed. . In total the umbrella project resulted in 30 new businesses with 50+ new products.

The LAG-driven Sixten program was ongoing for six years, 2008-2015. The Sixten program resulted in 45 projects run by 1200 youngsters which generated a number of new networks, new meeting places, ongoing activities for young people, and strengthened young people (more than 250 youngsters participated in training activities).