A small Polish farm converting into organic agriculture

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A small farm converted to organic vegetable production and in so doing successfully increased its competitiveness and profitability.

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Project summary: 

Sylwester Staniaszek’s farm covers 6.92 ha of arable land, meadows and pastures. Before receiving Rural Development Programme (RDP) support the farm used to grow cereals using conventional farming methods. Investing in organic agriculture gave the farmer the opportunity to increase his farm’s competitiveness and profitability.
The farmer grows tomatoes, bell peppers and aubergines in foil tunnels. He also applies intercropping and crop rotation and looks for and reintroduces ’old’ species of vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips. Thanks to RDP support he was able to develop his farm and expand the range of processed food he produces to include pickles (cucumber, cabbage) and purée. 

Project results: 

The financial aid obtained considerably improved the farm’s development possibilities. It helped accelerate the implementation of new technologies, which increased the competitiveness of the farm.
Following on from the success of this project, the beneficiary aims to continue developing and expanding his farm into other areas, such as animal husbandry.