Sierra Norte Acción on COVID-19

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A local action group set up the Acción Sierra Norte platform to protect the groups most at risk from the spread of COVID-19.

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Project summary: 

Madrid was the main COVID-19 hotspot in Spain. However, Sierra Norte de Madrid, an area comprising 42 municipalities and 29 500 residents, managed to curb the impact of the virus, registering the lowest rate of contagion in the entire Madrid region. 
GALSINMA, the Local Action Group (LAG) that operates in this territory, was a key player in this crisis. Volunteers, but also the LAG coordination, were essential in facing the population’s needs during these difficult weeks. Various actions were initiated by groups of volunteers: making face masks and gowns, cleaning and disinfecting, or checking up on seniors through phone calls and applications such as Zoom or Skype, to help people who may have suffered from loneliness during the confinement. 

Project results: 

Coordination between different groups and donations from different entities enabled this platform to distribute 85 635 face mask - 35% of them were homemade. 
Distribution of 9 000 protective hospital gowns, boots, hats, protective jumpsuits, and gloves - 40% were homemade. 
Production of 1 237 3D protection screens, 1 219 masks and donation of 251 valve adapters for respirators.