Setting up an organic apple orchard for direct selling

An old abandoned farm through three separate investments was turned into an orchard with hail protection nets and a building to store the produce and equipment.

Project summary: 

The Pivk family decided to buy an old farm that had been abandoned for 11 years and started fruit growing, which was quite untraditional for the area. Through 3 separate investments, the orchards were set up, hail protection nets were installed and a farm building for storage of fruits, equipment and marketing was constructed at the location of the old hayrack.

Project results: 

Around 30 tonnes of organic apples are grown annually and sold mainly locally directly at the farm holding;

2.5 ha of fruit orchards with 6.000 apple trees were set up, all equipped with hail protection nets;

The whole production is sold already before Christmas.

With own funds additional 1.5 ha of the traditional high-trunk meadow orchard have been renewed.