Setting up horticultural seedling production by a young, female farmer

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A young farmer received RDP support to set up a new horticultural seedling production facility and create employment for her family.

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Project summary: 

A young farmer from Águilas in the Spanish region of Murcia decided to create her own small enterprise in the area of the horticultural supply. Support was received by two RDP measures that helped the beneficiary to build a new cold storage room and purchase a new mechanical planter.

The investment incorporates new technologies that help improve the environmental performance of the farm mainly due to improved heating and water-saving systems.

Project results: 

Five jobs were created and more workers may be needed in the summer to work in the seedling area.

The activity contributes to the local economy by adding a new business to the chain of suppliers/buyers.

Water efficiency was improved by the reduced water consumption of the new irrigation systems installed.