Setting up a cheese experience centre in Woerden

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Setting up an innovative enterprise in a historic building to strengthen the regional and local agricultural economy, while promoting employment and tourism.

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Project summary: 

Cheese production plays a central role in the Woerden area. Thus in 2014, local stakeholders decided to create a cheese academy to provide training for workers and make them employable in the sector and serve as a tourism attraction. Governments, educational organizations and entrepreneurs signed a declaration of intent to work together for that purpose. Support under the LEADER measure supported the conversion of a historic building, into the experience centre. Other activities supported include developing the training programme, creating a network of enterprises and organisations as users of the facility for educational purposes, etc.

Project results: 

The conversion of an old cheese warehouse into the experience centre was completed;

The management organisation as  a foundation was set up including volunteers and a coordinator;

In the first year after opening there are at least 2000 paying visitors.