Setting up a biogas plant

EAFRD funding was used to install a biogas plant, covering the farms electricity needs and generating income from the sale of electricity to the national grid.

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Project summary: 

VOD Jetřichovec is a large farm in the Vysocina highlands of the Czech Republic. The farm needed to diversify to stabilise its income and help protect it from volatile agricultural prices. RDP funding helped the farm install in two phases a biogas plant with four digesters and two main generators. Today the farm’s animals provide manure input and maize is grown for silage. The farm is now self-sufficient in renewable electricity and can sell surplus electricity to the grid.

Project results: 

The 1,153 kwh-capacity biogas plant produces enough electricity to cover the farm’s electricity needs, and surplus power is sold to the national electricity grid.

Biogas plant revenue is one third of the farm’s total revenue.

The farm also resolved the ecological problem of dealing with slurry from pig production.