Seto Külävüü - Using road signs to promote local culture

Estonian tourism operators used EAFRD funding to install road signs to promote the local Seto culture and help visitors find interesting landmarks.

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Project summary: 

A group of Estonian tourism operators were concerned that visitors could not easily find local landmarks on the Seto Külävüü tourist route. They decided to install road signs, information points, maps and some picnic spaces. They wanted to promote the local Seto culture and encourage more tourists to come. 

The group used the EAFRD funding to plan, construct and install the signs and information points along the Seto Külävüü route. The also needed to negotiate different regulations covering the installation of road signs in order to obtain permits. As a separate part of the project, they installed picnic areas.

Project results: 

130 road signs were installed on the Seto Külävüü route and 3 signposts in three villages (Värska, Obinitsa, Tsiistre).

12 regional and Seto Külävüü route maps were installed as well as 17 information stands and 7 picnic places in different locations.

Visitors could find interesting landmarks more easily and learn about the local culture.

The route to the border checkpoint with Russia is now clearly indicated.