“Selling from the yard” in Slovakia

Information and promotion activities on direct marketing by the Slovak National Rural Network.

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Project summary: 

The National Rural Development Network (NRDN) focused on the issue of direct marketing based on its findings that Slovak farmers did not have any or very little knowledge about how to put the idea of direct marketing into practice respecting all the legislative conditions in Slovakia. Besides the delivery of information, seminars were used as a kind of promotional event designed to motivate farmers to take up the idea of direct marketing. Mutual cooperation for exchanging experiences and networking among farmers at both, regional and national levels, was supported. Project implementation significantly contributed to improved communication to and amongst authorities at national level.

Project results: 

In total, 353 participants from all over Slovakia took part in the seminars.

Introduced a set of rules essential for practicing direct marketing.

Increased number of farmers, who decided to apply for support from different rural development measures instead of solely passively receiving direct payments.