Šalek Valley Agricultural Cooperative – producing organic beef & apples

An agricultural cooperative invested in setting up organic apple orchards with anti-hail nets. They also acquired agricultural machinery to support the production of organic beef.

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Project summary: 

The Šalek Valley Agricultural Cooperative focuses on producing high-quality beef and fruit. It has developed two brands: ‘Ekodar’ for its organic beef, and ‘Slodar’ for various apple products.The cooperative applied for RDP support to plant new organic orchards and to set up a hail protection system for its orchards. It also used RDP support to purchase new agricultural machinery - a baler and a wrapper - that will be used by its organic beef-producing members.

Project results: 

The cooperative has increased its turnover by 19% (2017 versus 2016).

The cooperative has increased organic beef production by 28%.

It supplies over 100 public institutions with its products.