RUSIMOVICI NEGOSLAV RAICO - Development and modernisation of a vegetable farm

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Turning a subsistence family farm into a dynamic agri-business through modernization and adoption of affordable new equipment.

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Project summary: 

Rusimovici farm is located in Belobreșca village (Pojejena commune). Before this investment, the Rusimovici family farm was a subsistence as production was not sufficient to make the farm commercially viable. Investment support was used to improve the farm’s competitiveness through modernisation and adoption of affordable new equipment. 
The financial support was used to set up three greenhouses of 300 square metres each; install a water drill for irrigation and acquire machinery and equipment for vegetable production. 

Project results: 

By building/using greenhouse/solarium modules, the duration of production was extended from four months per year to 10-11 months.
Before the project, the farm cultivated two ha of potatoes, obtaining a production of 35-40tonnes/two ha. By investing in quality seeds, irrigation and crop rotation, production increased significantly. One ha now produces the same volume of potatoes that was previously generated by two ha. 
Sales increased by over 80% during the first year of the investment compared to the period before the project.