Ritoznojčan – reintroducing in the market a quality wine from the past

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The project addressed the needs of local winegrowers and winemakers in the municipality of Slovenska Bistrica to add value to their work and improve their market position.

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Project summary: 

Winegrowers and winemakers in Slovenska Bistrica have for years worked individually. The quality of their wine was not standardised and each of them was too small to make any significant progress as a business. They decided to join efforts and explore the potentials for reviving the 200-year tradition of Ritoznojčan wine. 12 wine growers and wine producers organized themselves in a consortium, shared practice and learned from examples in other wine producing regions. They developed the documentation and applied for legal protection as recognized traditional denomination (PTP) for the wine Ritoznojčan. They defined the production specifications and developed promotional tools.

Project results: 

Cooperation between 13 local wine growers and wine makers was established.

The wine Ritoznojčan has been awarded legal protection status.

Annually around 10 000 to 15 000 litres of Ritoznojčan PTP are produced.