RIKK - Fostering intercultural dialogue and understanding

The ‘RIKK’ project aimed to develop regional, intercultural competences, for a more unified approach to many initiatives supporting better integration of immigrants.

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Project summary: 

The ‘RIKK’ project was a collaboration between associations for the regional development of Vöcklabruck and Gmunden, the Regional Caritas, the Local Action Groups (LAGs) ‘Vöckla-Ager’ and ‘Traunstein Region’, and the educational centre Maximilianhaus.

To prepare a coordinated response to the influx of new arrivals, the project partners started with a survey of the work and resources already devoted to ‘intercultural’ issues by SMEs, municipalities, social organisations, farms and other relevant organisations in the region.

‘RIKK’ established ‘competence teams’ involving representatives of particular professions to develop training opportunities for migrants and refugees. The competence teams reached out to youth workers and school teachers with advice to tailor their training specifically for young migrants.

Project results: 

The regional networking platform established during the project continues to be active, providing information about current and upcoming events, literature, and ongoing projects, as well as offering advice and online case studies along with contacts.

The platform is ensuring the continued cooperation of teachers and regional economic and agricultural stakeholders.

An experience exchange group of HR managers was established in order to optimise the potential of companies to foster intercultural understanding.

The Economic Chamber of the district Vöcklabruck has recognised the value of such dialogue and is helping lead this exchange group.