ReWI Visions (Resource Wise Visions) - Finland

The ReWI project inspires young people to examine entrepreneurship from the perspective of the circular economy. The project has opened up a wide range of opportunities for young people, resulting in 40 new circular economy enterprises.

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Project summary: 

ReWi Visions is a prime example of the power of a LAG cooperation project under the RDP that combines circular economy expertise, entrepreneur networks and association activities with inspiring youth activities of the 4H association in the Jyväskylä region. 
ReWi Visions promotes circular economy entrepreneurship among young people, integrating the circular economy into traditional youth work and lifelong learning. 
It particularly encourages professionals working with young people to learn more about the circular economy and encourage professionals working with the circular economy to take the perspectives of young people into account.
Project activities concentrate on youth exchanges, international communication, promoting youth circular economy entrepreneurship with business courses and youth club activities. All of these are available in Rewitellen manuals and videos.

Project results: 

Impressively, 40 companies with circular economy themes have already been established by young people through the project.
The initial club activities of young people in the region have expanded and a second club was established within the region.
International cooperation continued despite the Covid-19 situation and it was possible to pilot mentor activities between entrepreneurs and young people.
The Rewitellen manual has been published and the video series gives young people a voice on the theme.