Restructuring the bottling plant of the winery Bodegas Latúe

A winery in response to changing consumers’ preferences, decided to restructure its bottling plant in order to widen the range of high quality wines produced. 

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Project summary: 

The winery and celar Bodegas Latúe in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, is focused on international exports of the high quality wines produced by the local cooperative.

The winery in response to the increasing demand of the markets for more differentiated products such as limited editions, smaller bottle sizes, sparkling wines for celebrations, etc., used EAFRD support for restructuring its bottling plant.


Project results: 

Diversifying the products' range while maintaining the high quality of the wines has allowed to increase the selling prices by 27%.

With the new bottling plant it is expected to double the original selling prizes.

The population in these rural areas connected to vineyard production, will maintain or increase their income, and thus continue producing. This will result to  environmental and social benefits.