Restoring a historic chateau to create a modern winery

A historic Chateau was restored to its initial state and turned into one of the most modern wine-producing facilities in Slovakia.

Project summary: 

The Pezinok region has an important viniculture history and is home to one of the most famous Slovak wine regions. It is also home to the Pezinok Chateau that was built in the 14th Century. The chateau was neglected during the communist era and required a major renovation before production of wine could begin again. RDP support helped to revive the chateau and project activities included the reconstruction of the premises of the formerly state-owned winery and the procurement of modern equipment for the grape processing and wine production.

Project results: 

The Pezinok Chateau was fully reconstructed and apart from producing wine it also serves an events venue and a place of relaxation. In the near future, a hotel and an restaurant will be added along with a shop, a local viniculture museum and an art gallery.

The chateau is currently the only winery in Slovakia that uses a grape-friendly vibrating grape feeding hopper.

A production volume of up to 200 000 litres per year has been achieved.

Good economic parameters of production and revenue growth.

One job was created.

The project supports the development of local wine tourism.