Restoration of the Röcknitzbach stream

A project addressing the Water Framework Directive, by restoring the natural flow of a stream, while preserving the local cultural heritage and protecting from floods.

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Project summary: 

The Röcknitzbach stream in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, was blocked up in the Middle Ages by the construction of a dam at Klostersee Dargun. From the outlet of the lake to the original level of the stream below the monastery park, several gradient jumps were build with a total height difference of more than 8.5 km. 
In order to allow fish to cross the stream once again, two new fish ladders were constructed. The pond in the monastery park was revitalised. Finally, a flood channel with an automatic weir was built to ensure flood runoff.

Project results: 

The project ‘Renaturierung Röcknitzbach’ helped restore the ecological continuity and water flow of the Röcknitzbach stream. The method of construction made it possible for fish and other water animals to ascend and pass through the river from the Baltic Sea to the Klostersee.
The castle pond serves as a resting pool for the migrating fish. Then, they can continue swimming towards Klostersee.