Restoration of four traditional houses on Nisyros island

Rural Development Programme (RDP) support contributed to the revitalisation of an almost abandoned village in the small Aegean island of Nisyros.

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Project summary: 

Emporeios is a remote village located on the small volcanic island of Nisyros, in the southern Aegean Sea. Due to the catastrophic earthquake of 1933 and the post-war immigration wave in the 1950s, the village had almost been abandoned. It slowly became a ghost village, full of ruins. 

Triantafyllos Triantafyllou grew up in Emporeios, finished the local high school there and then left the village to study and work. However, years later he decided to return to his roots and find a way to revive his birthplace. He bought four houses, which he restored into guesthouses using RDP support. In addition to this investment he also started a restaurant and a series of activities for guests, such as gardening, beekeeping and horse riding. As a result of this process, he managed to turn an almost abandoned village into a vibrant and attractive destination. 

Project results: 

The restoration of the four houses contributes to the economic growth and upgrade of housing in the region. 

The RDP funding received to implement the project offered the opportunity to create jobs in different professions such as craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, architects and suppliers, giving financial support to many families during a period of economic crisis.

On a personal level, this project has improved Mr Triantafyllou’s standard of living. His revenues have increased and are set to rise further as time goes on.