Restoration and preservation of St. Nicholas Church, in Telesti, Gorj County

RDP support financed a series of restoration and basic works on a historic monument church in rural Romania.

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Project summary: 

St. Nicholas Church is located in Telesti, Gorj County, some 15 km from Târgu Jiu and 65 km from Drobeta Turnu Severin. It was built around 1746 and is a site of cultural importance. It is built in the shape of a cross with two turrets, while the paintings follow the Byzantine style. The building is included in Romania’s Historic Monuments List.

Rural development programme (RDP) support financed a series of restoration and basic works to secure the building and improve its functionality. These included church restoration; consolidation; church equipment; restoration of paintings; and works to repair the bell tower.

Project results: 

The investment made the church more accessible to parishioners and national and international tourists.

Local people were hired to do the project works. These include 20 people doing unskilled/low-skilled work; 15 people who are being trained in various traditional crafts such as masonry, stone carvers, carpenters, old painting and icons restorers. An unspecified number of full-time guides to the church will be hired following the completion of the works.