Replacing the apricot orchards at Balaton Fruit Ltd

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Ensuring the productivity of a fruit-producing business by replacing low-yield apricot orchards with more reliable plants.

Project summary: 

Balaton Fruit produces 3-4% of the apricots grown in Hungary. The business, however, has been affected by diseases to its trees, which led to 50% of those less than four years old being destroyed. RDP support helped the company to cut down the economically non-viable orchards and plant more resilient new ones that allow harvesting periods to be better balanced and make it easier and more efficient to organise seasonal work.

Project results: 

Two orchards installed with a water-saving drip irrigation system on a total area of 5.37 hectares.

Good yield from the orchard planted in 2017 meeting expectations.

Trees planted in 2018 developing well with an excellent growth potential.