Repairing damage caused by extreme weather conditions on an agricultural business

An agricultural business affected by extreme weather conditions used RDP support to repair the damage to its infrastructure and enable it to operate as normal.

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Project summary: 

On 4 September 2015 Sardinia was hit by a Mediterranean cyclone of considerable intensity. The Società Agricola San Giovanni SRL agricultural company sustained extensive damage to both its production and infrastructure (buildings and equipment).

RDP support was used to repair the damage and allow the company to operate as it did before. The work undertaken included excavations to re-open access routes, repairs to a building and the replacement of all damaged equipment.

Project results: 

The company can now operate as it did before the damaging weather event.

As before, the holding is able to alternate its cereal and legume crops, which are both grown for the purpose of producing grains and/or as forage crops.