Reconstruction of the Averlosche Leide canal

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A canal stream was reconstructed to get extra water storage capacity and to improve the water quality and biodiversity in the surrounding area.   

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Project summary: 

De Averlosche Leide is a canal stream in the former Sallandse area Averlo in the Dutch municipality Deventer. The stream is 5.2 kilometres long. The main function of the stream is to regulate the water level in favour of the agriculture.

The waterboard Drenths had to realise considerable policy targets between 2010 and 2015 in the fields of water retention, biodiversity and water quality improvement and nature and environment protection. One of the improvement projects was the reconstruction of the Averlosche Leide canal. 

The main target was to increase the water storage capacity alongside the stream through the construction of a retention area. The stream was broadened where possible and made less deep. One of the flanks was given a slop to stimulate a varied vegetation. The existing barrages were replaced by fish-friendly constructions to sub serve the fish stocks. An amphibians pool was created. The project was realised with the participation of local inhabitants who contributed with ideas and opinions.


Project results: 

The reconstruction Averlosche Leide resulted very high quality nature area.

Biodiversity has improved and the existence of the rare crested newt is protected.

The water levels are efficiently regulated to cover the needs of agricultural activities.