Put Aragon on Your Table

Food producers and providers in Spain’s Aragon region used RDP funds to promote local food through short supply chains via a coordinated system of local and online outlets across an area larger than the Netherlands

Project summary: 

LEADER LAGs from 20 different territories in Spain’s Aragon region wanted to take advantage of rural development benefits from short supply-chains regarding local food. Objectives for the LAG cooperation included improving connections between food consumers, food producers, and food processors. Aragon’s approach evolved over time to cover an integrated and systematic collection of actions promoting local food that are coordinated under a marketing initiative named ‘Put Aragon on Your Table’. Hundreds of farmers, food producers, restaurants, shops, local associations (including the 20 LEADER groups), public sector bodies and technical service providers have all been involved in the project. Together they supply a huge range of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, oils, spices, cereals, confectionery, wines and other drinks, as well as processed and canned foods across an area larger than the Netherlands.


Project results: 

Key results relate to the project’s successes in raising awareness about the availability, quality and diversity of Aragon’s local food. This encourages consumers and providers of Aragon food to increase their interest in either buying or selling local products.

Training schemes and cookery courses have also been funded to promote demand for local food by schools, commercial caterers, and households. A network of well-used Aragon ‘food routes’ was established for residents and visitors alike. These are complemented by a stock of other gastronomic products and regular events organised by the project’s customer-oriented management strategy.