PUSA project – Clean the lake Pien-Saimaa

Supporting co-operation and knowledge sharing to tackle eutrophication in a vulnerable lake system.

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Project summary: 

Pien-Saimaa is a lake system in south-eastern Finland covering approximately 120 sq km. It generates a significant source of income for the area. However, the lake system is vulnerable to eutrophication and therefore action was needed to protect the system’s water quality.

The project increased cooperation between all the relevant stakeholders. It organised a series of training sessions on wetlands construction and management for land owners and constructors. A wetland expert was also hired to provide technical support, and through this process 64 new wetlands were created. It also supported the design and construction of water protection measures in forests (e.g. trenches). The promoter of this project is the Finnish NGO Pien-Saimaan Suojeluyhdistys.

Project results: 

The water quality in the lake improved significantly in some areas.

The project helped to create 64 new wetland sites, where only 15 had originally been foreseen.

The project involved a huge network of different types of stakeholders, from municipalities, SME’s, private citizens and the third sector, who are now working together to protect the lake from eutrophication.

The project was replicated at five other water systems in Finland.