Pure water Theme Park in Estonia

Natural potential of rural areas often remains unexploited. In Estonia the construction of a water themed park generated interest in the countryside and attracted visitors through promoting eco-tourism and environmental education.

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Project summary: 

This Estonian example comprises of 3 smaller projects which were implemented under different measures. The 'Theme Park of Pure Water' established offers hiking opportunities and outdoor activities with an emphasis on environmental education. The park was created with a focus on clean water. It also aimed to address the subject of renewable energy from the sun and wind, offer workshops on the making of windmills, solar panels and steam engines.

Apart from the hiking trails visitors benefit from the sensory garden. The park also offers herbal therapy, training on smart technologies and a nature-learning programme. The park is also pioneering on the concept of M-learning, i.e. learning through the use of the mobile phones and tablets.

Projects activities carried out included the creation of the walking trail, restoring stone walls, developing the 'sense garden', constructing forest huts, and designing active-learning programmes and M-learning possibilities.


Project results: 

A total of 26 different activities are available attracting greater numbers of visitors to the area.

The area is experiencing an increase in economic activity and job creation. The identity of the local population has also been enhanced, providing a good example to neighbouring villages.

Furthermore, the area is now producing its own electricity in a closed network.