Purchase of 3D printing Equipment for Increasing Quality of Services to the Visually Impaired

A Latvian association that promotes social integration of visually impaired people, used EAFRD support to purchase 3D printing equipment for producing signs, maps and educational material.

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Project summary: 

The Latvian association ‘Socintegra’ that offers services to visually impaired people, used EAFRD support to purchase 3D printing equipment. This included a portable computer, a tablet, the 3Ds Max software and a 3D printer. The new equipment allowed them to create tactile 3D objects made from plastic. These objects are designed for use in the educational activities of the association. The equipment can also be used to offer services to other organisations that want to improve accessibility to their facilities for people with special needs.


Project results: 

Visually impaired people can use the purchased computer and tablet to work with the association and other people with similar problems.

Given the increasing popularity of 3D printing the service is made available to local people and it allows them to benefit from its everyday applications.

The service especially benefit the local population of Ulbroka village as well as other neighbouring villages who can order for the service online. 

Socintegra is able to assess the accessibility of an environment to people with special needs. Images of the area around the village are processed using photo processing software and give a picture of how the area could be improved and what adjustments could be made.

The purchased equipment is used to organise and implement a variety of life-long learning activities that engage people with special needs.