Protecting and enhancing salt marshes and reed beds along the Shannon estuary

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A young farmer undertook voluntary agri-environmental commitments to ensure that his land provides a sufficient habitat for overwintering migratory birds and other plants and animals.

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Project summary: 

Joe Melody is a young farmer who, together with his father, manages a 150-hectare dairy operation close to Bunratty, Co. Clare. The farm is set across two separate land parcels, one of which is bounded by a 3km stretch of estuary riverbank (the River Shannon). Joe is an active participant in the Green Low-carbon Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS) and actively supports the ecosystem that sustains his farm.

Project results: 

Under the Green Low Carbon Agri-environmental Scheme GLAS, Joe manages the area as a space for nature, rather than a potential opportunity to extend his grazing ground. Joe's light grazing practices within certain timeframes of the year maintain habitat quality. Geese and swan overwintering is particularly improved.