Promoting the Tsakonian Architecture

The project promoted the traditional architecture of Tsakonia region. In this way it increased the appreciation for its value and helped attract greater numbers of tourists. 

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Project summary: 

The villages in Tsakonia region, Greece, are traditional settlements with rich architectural heritage. Leonidio area in particular offers very good examples of the local architecture due to the wealth that was generated by the areas' former commercial maritime activities.

The project initially funded a survey on the region's architectural assets. The survey focused on the architecture of Leonidio and on buildings of architectural interest that could become event venues. The results were used to draw up proposals for identifying possible themes for events for promoting the local architecture. A number of publicity and communication activities were also organsed. These included the production of posters, banners, billboards etc. An information campaign was organised that included special events, such as competitions and lotteries. Social media played a key role in terms of publicity for these events and helped raise awareness about the goals of the project. The final phase of the project involved supporting a series of events which included concerts, performances and various exhibitions.


Project results: 

The project promoted the uniqueness of Tsakonian architecture and further strengthened its regional identity.

Residents got informed about maintaining the traditional way of building and how traditional culture can enrich their daily lives. The area is now benefits from greater appreciation of its cultural heritage, especially as a tourist attraction.

Major cultural events were held at venues of architectural interest including the renovated ‘Fabbrica of Culture’ as well as during the local gastronomy and culture festival, ‘Melitzazz’.