Promoting soft mobility with an extended cycling lane on the Selestat vineyard

Investing in extending a cycle lane to promote soft mobility in the commute to work or the school run, as well as for leisure.

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Project summary: 

The cycling culture is long established in the Alsace region, where groups of municipalities have been investing in soft mobility schemes to improve access to town centres. The municipalities wanted to extend existing routes to connect with the metropolitan areas of Strasbourg and Colmar and to link up with the wider cycling routes at regional and cross border level. EAFRD support was used to transform 5 km of old walking paths into modern cycle lanes, to install vertical and horizontal signposting and to connect the paths to existing lanes.


Project results: 

The cycle lane is now available to the local community on a daily basis and is used to promote tourism.

The cycle lane is available for the annual ‘SlowUp Alsace’ day , comprising a 31 km circuit (with various loops of 8, 11, 19 and 20 km) that is closed off to all motor traffic. The 2018 edition attracted 44 000 participants.