Promoting Rural Development on the TV

An Estonian NRN TV-project helped change the public perception about rural life. 

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Project summary: 

Promoting Rural Development Programme (RDP) projects on TV programmes encourages people to form a more positive image and understand the value of living and working in the countryside. The Estonian NRN’s initiative to introduce RDP projects on TV, is highly visual and supports the objective of promoting the rural life.

The Estonian NRN contracted the Estonian Public Broadcasting station to produce two TV programmes. The first, called “Ilus Maa” (“Beautiful Country”), included 30 video clips, which ran for 7-10 minutes each. The second programme was a TV show/quiz called “Eesti mäng” (“Estonian game”).

Project results: 

According to the audience measurement, the two programmes received high ratings and the feedback was very good. The programmes promoted rural actors, local products and different rural areas.

The TV-programme “Ilus Maa”  (“Beautiful Country” ) had 673 000 viewers. The popular TV-show/quiz “Eesti mäng” (“Estonian Game”) reached an audience of 3.428.000 viewers. The programme’s popularity was high, especially in rural areas – with 1.265.000 TV-viewers –,  1.194.000 viewers in larger cities and 975.000 viewers in smaller cities and towns. Considering Estonian’s small population (1.315 million), these results are remarkable.