Promoting generational renewal through the Czech National Rural Network

A series of seminars to create opportunities for formal and tacit knowledge transfer between experienced farmers and newcomers to agriculture.

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Project summary: 

This project addresses generational turnover in the agrarian sector. Recent  figures indicate that more than half of the farms in the Czech Republic are held by farmers above 55 years of age. The main objective of the project was to facilitate the process of generational renewal through activities specifically focused on young people in order to enhance their knowledge of and interest in agriculture. Through a series of seminars and farm visits, the project created a platform for sharing tacit knowledge and examples of good practice between the elder and younger generations of farmers.

Project results: 

This project managed to set up a temporary platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between established farmers and newcomers to the sector.

Participants received valuable information about how to prepare, submit and implement RDP projects.