Production of fresh cut herbs in Portugal for the export markets

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A company used RDP support to install 9 ha of infrastructure for the production of fresh herbs, aiming to take advantage of the increasing demand for high-quality fresh produce in the European markets.

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Project summary: 

Fresh Cut Ltd. sought to take advantage of the favourable soil and climatic conditions of the Algarve in Portugal, in particular the abundance of sunlight. It targeted the growing European markets for seasonings, spices and herbs as part of moves towards healthier food.

The project supported the installation of 9 ha of greenhouses, tunnels and warehouses to support the cultivation of fresh herbs. The company worked with various accreditation schemes to ensure it met the standards of EU export markets.

Project results: 

Continuous production of various species of herb throughout the year, including 14 harvests in the first year of production and 15 in the second.

The production volume increased from 292.94 tons to 395.65 tons, between 2015 and 2016.

The project helped the company to create a total of 46 new jobs.

Certification from the GLOBALG.A.P. farm assurance programme was awarded during the first year of operation.

98% of the company's sales (by volume and value) were destined to the export markets in the EU.