PRIP: Development of broadband connection infrastructure

The PRIP project extended the national fibre-optic network in Lithuania to some of the remotest rural communities.

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Project summary: 

PRIP extended Lithuania’s national fibre-optic network to targeted rural communities. It laid 485 km of fibre-optic cable to connect remote communities with the nationwide cable infrastructure and established 426 additional broadband internet access points covering farms and rural tourism centres, etc.

Project results: 

The 426 new internet access points provided by the project, reached out to around 100.000 residents in rural areas who previously had no access to high-speed broadband internet infrastructure.

Through the combination of RAIN and PRIP, 58.4 % of households had internet access by 2015 which is 12 times more than in 2005.

The project was (along with RAIN II) one of the first winners of the European Broadband Awards in 2015.