Planície Verde - technological improvement of a farm’s processing facilities

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A farm producing lettuce, melons and watermelons used RDP support to modernise its processing facilities and better respond to the clients requirements. 

Project summary: 

Planície Verde, Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. uses 200 ha of greenhouses and open air cultivation to produce lettuce, melons and watermelons. The company needed to improve and increase its production processes to meet the demands of the large retailers through whom it increasingly sells.

Support from the RDP contributed to the construction of two new pavilions and new weighing and packaging lines, as well as automisation of the process of palletising the melons and watermelons and tracking the fruit through the process.

Project results: 

Increased processing capacity up to 20 tons of fruit per hour.

The company can respond much faster to client orders.

Improved working conditions and movement of vehicles in the shipping area.

Traceability of all produce ensured throughout the processing chain

Lower operating costs were achieved, contributing to higher profitability and supporting job creation.