Piloting the ‘Stable of the Future’ for the pig farming sector

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A pilot project to create an innovative pig farm based on the principle of processing fresh manure to minimise GHG emissions and increase the farm’s profitability.

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Project summary: 

This pilot project aims to develop the ‘stable of the future’ which will produce renewable energy in the form of biogas and which will recover nitrogen so that natural gas is no longer needed to make artificial fertilizers. The pilot stable is based on an approach to preventing the generation of unwanted gases and to supporting the generation of sustainable energy from fresh manure. Such a stable will increase the farm’s profitability and become an example of modern circular agriculture.

Project results: 

The project will result in an integral, sustainable barn that complies with legislation without the use of an air scrubber.

It will be based on the principle of removing the manure from the barn every day. This prevents  the release of ammonia and other harmful gases.