Pecivarne Liptovsky Hradok Ltd. – Confectionary manufacturer invests in modern production equipment

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A Slovakian company with a long history of manufacturing confectionery products benefited from Rural Development Programme support to modernise its equipment and production processes.

Project summary: 

The history of the company Pecivarne Liptovsky Hradok goes back to the 1930s when it started producing biscuits, wafers and chocolate coatings, made from local ingredients using traditional recipes. 
The company’s production equipment was old and outdated with some of it acquired in the 1950s. To meet current market requirements and the increasing demand for high quality products, new equipment was essential.
The company invested in new packaging equipment to make new easy-open packaging as well as quality control systems using X-rays and dynamic checkweighers. In addition, the old floor in the production premises was replaced with a modern industrial floor.

Project results: 

The manufacturing efficiency improved significantly. The new equipment helped to eliminate frequent downtimes and manufacturing mistakes. 
A new product line was introduced - RAW and Basic Biscuit Ph+, and the company is now ready to offer a wider variety of products in significantly larger quantities. 
One new job was created.