The Onion Route in Eastern Estonia

The Onion Route is a network of tourism service providers and a unique cultural space in the Eastern part of Estonia.

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Project summary: 

The route and the network characterise the region around the shores of Lake Peipsi. The area has many attractions that up until now have been promoted by small individual entities which are completely unknown even in their own small country. The Onion Route is a good example of exploiting the potential of a region’s living cultural heritage and transforming an almost neglected area into a well-known multicultural tourism region. 

Four subsequent EAFRD funded projects helped develop this thematic tourist route, create common marketing tools and publicity materials for the Onion Route and promote them at exhibitions and fairs. LAG representatives were invited to the first roundtable discussions and further on they were included in the strategic decision making process.

Project results: 

The region has become more competitive and economically viable through its internal development, constant leadership, product marketing and knowledge transfer.

The Onion Route connects 17 entrepreneurs and the network is seen as a real success.

The project has well-branded the region through quality products, attracting culinary and cultural tourists.

A greater extent of project sustainability has been achieved through a network membership fee, giving the project a source of private income, vital to its further development.