Nos Oignons - Supporting social farming in Wallonia

‘Nos Oignons’ is an association that supported the preparation and implementation of three RDP funded projects that promote social farming in Wallonia.

Project summary: 

‘Nos Oignons’ is an association that supports social inclusion by organizing collective and individual activities on farms for people who suffer from mental health and/or social issues. This kind of interaction helps patients to learn new things, get re-empowered, build new relationships and gain self-confidence.

Since 2017, ‘Nos Oignons’ has contributed to three RDP funded projects in Wallonia. These projects include: organisation of collective workshops and individual experiences at participating farms; networking with other institutions in the territory to extend the coverage of needs; and creation of an operational framework with other operators in Wallonia to address legal issues that obstruct the growth of social farming. The project promoters are two NGOs and a public Social Care Centre.

Project results: 

Reduced cost of day care. In Wallonia, home day care costs on average 190 EUR/day/patient and for hospitalisation, 430 EUR/day/patient. Social farming is estimated to cost 80 EUR/day/patient.

Increased income for farmers of up to 40 EUR/day.

2000 “farms days” for individuals and 900 days of collective workshops will be delivered by the end of the three projects.