The Nore Vision

An interterritorial cooperation project that brought together stakeholders with an interest in protecting nature along the river Nore and its catchment area. 

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Project summary: 

The River Nore is one of the principal rivers in the South-East of Ireland. It has a 140 km-long course that drains a land area of approximately 2 530 km² and sustains a population of 110 000. 
The river is of considerable environmental, heritage and social value and is a key component of the region’s green infrastructure.  It is also recognised in its Natura 2000 designation. The Nore Vision is a project, initiated by Kilkenny Local Action Group (LAG) in collaboration with three other LEADER LAGs based in Laois, North Tipperary South Tipperary, Ireland, which brings together representatives of all sectors with an interest in the Nore river and its catchment. Through an extensive consultation process, the project has enabled diverse yet complementary experiences and views to be shared, as well as mutual interests and synergies to be identified and developed. This has resulted in an overarching agreement, a shared vision and a coherent developmental framework through which multiple stakeholders manage and protect the river’s assets and potential.

Project results: 

The consultation process and its supporting development activities were successful in creating priority themes which collectively comprise the Nore Vision. 
The Nore Vision can now be understood as the “voice of the river system”, advocating on its behalf, and helping to secure its future for current and future generations.
The Nore Vision can serve as a blueprint, informing and supporting compatible action across and even beyond the catchment. This is an approach is endorsed by LAWPRO, the shared service of 31 Local Authorities in Ireland, which regards the Vision as a model exercise in stakeholder consultation, replicable in other catchment areas.