Nizna Boca – Restoring the production potential of damaged forests

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Restoring the production potential of damaged forests through clearing, afforestation and preservation of young forest stands. 

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Project summary: 

Forests of spruce largely replaced the originally mixed-species forests in the area of the municipality Nizna Boca. This change took place in order to supply the mining and construction industries with charcoal. In 2004, the monoculture spruce forests in the area were damaged by severe winds and subsequently by bark beetle species. 
In order to restore the production potential of the damaged forests, the areas originally covered with the Norway spruce were afforested with a mixture of different trees species including Silver fir, European larch, Sycamore maple and European beech. The works were carried out by locals from marginalised Roma groups who experience issues with high long-term unemployment. 

Project results: 

An area of 144.97ha was afforested with 593 371 forest tree seedlings with five different tree species over a four year period.
Protection measures against weeds and damage caused by forest animals were undertaken on 247.07 ha and repeated over four years.
The project resulted in a more stable and healthier forest, resistant to damage caused by weather and pests.
Provided employment for approximately 35 locals from the Roma community.