New service at Ikšķile community – juice production

A local community used discarded fruit to producing fruit juice for local consumption.

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Project summary: 

A local Association observed that many people in the community with private orchards were unable to consume all the ripe autumn fruit from their trees. Sometimes they would throw away the excess apples and pears, yet buy store-bought fruit juice for their personal consumption.The Association purchased a fruit shredder, modern juice pressing equipment, packing box equipment and a small fruit dryer in order to develop the service for the local community. The service mobile was made mobile, so a trailer was purchased to enable the equipment to be brought directly to the customer. Information and promotion activities were also organised including workshops, a website and video adds.

Project results: 

As a result of the development of this project turning fruits into juice instead of discarding them provided a boost to the local economy and reduced food waste.

Around 400 local community members per season use this service and the number is increasing.

The consumption of local fruits (apples, pear and berries) increased including at the local school contributing to healthier diets for the students.