"The Neighbourhood Cuisine"

A local women’s association received CAP support from a Local Action Group (LAG) to establish and promote a short supply chain for quality local food and crafts.

Project summary: 

The ‘Neighbourhood Cuisine’ project was initiated by the Saschiz Women's Neighbourhood Association and funded by the Dealurile TârnavelorLEADER LAG. A cooperation agreement signed between 15 local entities facilitated the establishment of a short supply chain for a local agri-food brand and its ‘food basket’ product. The funds also covered the promotional campaign which launched the brand via local media, events, and a workshops programme.

Project results: 

Thanks to the promotional campaign, the ‘Neighbourhood Foods’ short supply chain is now well known in the LAG area, and in the nearby counties. 

The project has inspired other partnerships in the Târnava Mare area.