Natuurlijk heel leuk! - Naturally much fun!

A project that aims to connect people with their local environment, food production and with each other.

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Project summary: 

The project has multiple goals. It aims to connect people more intimately with nature in their living environment; with local food production and innovative methods like food forestry, as well as with each other. It is based on the main ethical standards of permaculture: to take care of people, the planet and share with others.

Through this socially inclusive project, a food forest and natural playgrounds were created. To ensure their sustainability, a maintenance group was set up by refugees who gained the opportunity to develop their skills, learn the language and make new friends while working together with local people, volunteers and people without access to the labour market. 

Project results: 

The project has developed a food forest and an edible garden of about 1.5 hectares with trees, shrubs and plants with various nutritional values. 
Other quantifiable and tangible results include the:

  • establishment of seven natural playgrounds; 
  • creation of ten more edible green strips (zones) in direct living environments;
  • support provided to refugees to participate actively in society, learn Dutch traditions and language; and 
  • the setting up of a local green maintenance network with citizens.